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Littlefish FX Prop Trading Programme

Turning Market Minnows

Into Trading Sharks

Want to Become a Prop Trader?

Since 2012, Littlefish FX has been working with retail traders of all skills and experience to help them become consistent and profitable traders in Foreign Exchange.

Over the years the LFX team have produced everything from in-depth trading courses, comprehensive FX analysis, professional trade alerts and a wealth of FX indicators to help these “little fish” navigate Forex’s multi-billion pound ocean.


Over time, we discovered that, when it comes to preparing a trader for the realities of FX trading, educational materials on their own are no substitute for day-to-day interaction with professional traders. It’s why in 2016 we successfully launched our Prop Trading Programme, and why this year we’re using all of our available materials, resources and professional traders to grow the Prop team into something bigger and better.

About LFX
Prop Programme

Enrol On Our Prop Trading Programme

We are offering aspiring professional traders the opportunity to apply for a place on our Prop Trading Programme. As a successful Prop Trading Applicant you will be given the opportunity to work closely with our pro traders on a daily basis, from anywhere in the world. 


Should you successfully complete your mentoring programme you will qualify to earn a full-time Prop trading position at LFX, trading our capital on a profit share basis.


PLEASE NOTE: All applicants will be required to undergo an initial vetting period before acceptance. Acceptance on to the programme does not guarantee qualification for a Prop trading position. Final decisions are at the sole discretion of our Prop trading team.



You will be assigned a Professional Trading Mentor who will create a tailored, custom lesson plan based on your experience, skill set and commitments.


The programme will last between 3-12 months, depending on your experience. You should expect to spend 10-20 hours a week studying to succeed on the programme.

One-To-One Mentoring Sessions

Institutional Insights

Market Map Updates

Live Analysis Webinars

Forex Trading Course

All Littlefish FX Indicators 

Tech Team Support

Flexible Pricing Model

Capital Allocation

Capital Allocation

The core premise of the LFX Prop Programme is to alleviate a major hurdle to trading success: the capitalisation conundrum. It is a challenge for most aspiring traders to maintain trading discipline in the face of relatively meagre financial returns while maintaining appropriate risk management on smaller trading accounts. 


So instead of investing £2,000-£5,000 in your trading account and attempting to grow that account to a decent size of capitalisation, we offer the opportunity to fast-track the process by investing these sums in yourself and your trading education, with the opportunity to trade a more substantial account size on the successful completion of your tailored mentorship programme.

Once you are accepted as a full-time prop trader you will be allocated up to £50,000 of capital to trade your strategy at zero personal financial risk. Furthermore, you will benefit from a generous 40% share of all trading profits generated on your prop trading account, rising to 50% share aligned with progress and performance.


You will also have the ability to increase your trading capital & profit share ratio over time based on your account consistency and performance.

Initial Cost

Depending on your experience, our mentoring process can take anywhere from 3 - 12 months. Examples of the mentorship timescales and personal investment requirements are outlined below:


Novice Trader 

  • Trader with less than 12 months experience

  • Cost: £5,500 one-off personal investment or 12 X £550 instalments

  • Mentorship process: 9-12 months


Intermediate Trader 

  • Trader with over two years’ experience, 12 months live trading supported by account statement

  • Cost: £4,000 one-off personal investment or 9 x £550 instalments

  • Mentorship Process: 6-9 months


Advanced Trader

  • Trader with over three years’ experience, 18 months live trading supported by account statement

  • Cost: £3,000K one-off personal investment or 6 x £550 instalments

  • Mentorship Process: 3-6 Months

Programme Capacity

Note that due to the intensive nature of this Programme, we are only able to provide the mentoring service to 5 students at a time. Therefore once we have enrolled the first 5 suitable applicants on to the programme, no further applications will be considered until existing candidates have graduated to live trading. Depending on demand, we will consider placing interested parties onto a waiting list.


Once you have a seat on the LFX Prop Team, we expect our traders to have two laser focuses; preservation of and profit from the firm’s capital. We expect our traders to be rigorous risk managers but we also expect a reasonable return on our capital. As such, we set all traders minimum performance expectations. We understand that market conditions can hamper performance, but a failure to achieve the minimum performance benchmark will result in a loss of trading privileges and a performance review.



“The LFX Prop Mentoring programme has provided the structure and support for me to build the foundations of a sound trading strategy. The rigorous backtesting and critical feedback of trading rules and risk management has allowed me to refine and build confidence in my process for evaluating, entering and managing trades. I appreciate there are no shortcuts to achieving both consistency and profitability.”

Rhian Thompson



Get In Touch

If you think you have what it takes to make it as a professional trader, managing our capital, we encourage you to request an application form and commence the process. Once we have received your application form, if you demonstrate the requisite skills we seek, one of our pro traders will contact you to arrange an applicant interview.

Thank You For Registering Your Interest

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