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Morning Report: Markets Move On FOMC

Yesterday’s FOMC release highlighted that the Fed will cease it’s bond purchase program cting improved labour market conditions. Evene though the Fed pledged to keep low borrowing costs for a “considerable time” they did highlight wilingness to act sooner on improved conditions downplaying lower expectation inflations. USD rallied broadly on the back of this release with many market participants now anticipating an earlier rate rise versus recent pushed out expectations.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 30th October

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, October 30th…

Index Trading: Fed Gives Green Light On Us Economy

The FOMC signalled, much as expected, that the mammoth QE experiment will end this month. They also cited continued improvement in the labour market with ‘solid job gains’ and lower unemployment

What To Expect From The FOMC

Today the market will receive the FOMC statement release. The Central Bank will inform the market as to their view on the US economy and give guidance as to their use of monetary policy in support economic growth and employment.

A quick guide to: COT Indicator

What is the COT Report? What does this indicator do? When should you use it? All of your questions answered about our COT Indicator…

Introducing our new Forex course: with indicators, trading plans & strategies!

Our Forex course is designed for FX traders of all experience and you’ll find everything you need to turn you from Market Minnow into Trading Shark. We provide you with all the trading plans, indicators and strategies required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Order Flow trading techniques successfully used by the traders here at Littlefish FX…


An Intro to Quant Models

Over the past few years Quants have had a lot of attention and primarily, in my opinion, bad press. I have no intention of setting the record straight (it’s honestly the only time in my life I could consider myself anything close to a bad boy so I’m taking it…). However, what I thought I would do is give you a bit of insight into what we do in the bowl to unlock a little bit of the mystery around Quants and these evil algorithms…

Stock Market Chart on Blue Background

Littlefish Loves: Bugatti Noun

A toaster is a toaster, right? Well, no not quite. There are toasters, and then there’s the Bugatti Noun: a smart toaster that can cook much more than bread between two glass panels.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 29th October

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, October 29th…

Morning Report: Markets Braced For FOMC

USD under pressure on the back of weak Durable Goods data. Risk sentiment buoyed by surge in US Consumer sentiment . Markets await FOMC and GDP.

Index Trading: All Eyes On The FOMC

The market was already keen to offload some long USD exposure ahead of this week’s FOMC and the poor US Durable Goods Orders number was just the catalyst


NZDUSD has since stabilized somewhat here, failing to break down towards the NFP low print. This stabilization has come on the back of an improved risk sentiment owing to the positive results from the weekend bank stress test results and the dissapoininting US data seen today with Durable Goods missing by quite a margin at -1.3% v exp 0.5%.

Royals who Tweet: tweeting monarchs from around the globe

To celebrate the Queen’s very first tweet last week, we’ve rounded up some tweeting monarchs from around the globe…

Morning Report: Range-Bound Ahead Of FOMC

USD is mixed as markets digest European stress test results ahead of FOMC on Wednesday and GDP.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 28th October

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, October 28th…

Index Trading: Slow Dollar Consolidation Ahead of US Risk Events

Monday was quite a slow day with the dollar on the back foot very slightly although nothing to really write home about

UK economy: top of the 2014 league?

After a 1-year rally against most of the currencies, the British pound has switched from the ‘market’s darling’ status currency to vulnerability since the middle of July this year…


A quick guide to: Pin Bar Indicator

What does it do? When should you use it? All of your questions answered about our Pin Bar Indicator…

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

On the back of better data last week, USD bullishness is seeing a revival. Lower US bond yields are the result of capital imports and not due to the US increasing its savings. Overcapacity, over-borrowing and disinflationary momentum drives most currencies lower and this should keep the USD supported…

Forex Morning Report: Looking For Higher USD

Having seen renewed bullishness last week, USD softened somewhat on Friday on reports that Ebola had arrived in New York. While the risk environment appears to have stabilized this week, this has come with a significant repricing of Fed expectations and loss of yield support for the USD.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update

Introducing our brand new daily video, as CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market…

Weekly COT Analysis: EUR Shorts Increased

Speculative accounts added to their net euro short positions, but trimmed
their net yen short positions as of October 21, according to U.S. CFTC data,
released Friday

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

In The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle, we’re giving you a sneak preview into what you can expect from our Trader Lifestyle section this week, keeping you up to date on tech, fashion, sports, cars, events and all your favourite distractions from the trading screen.

Index Trading: Better Than Feared Stress Test Results

Over the weekend we had the results of the ECB’s bank stress tests and they were less pessimistic than feared, even if some of the criteria were a little iffy in regards the rigour of the tests

ECB Bank Stress Test Results

The ECB bank stress test results are in and I thought I would give you my take. It looks like I could be losing a bet about a regional bank going down because of this as the results are pretty much as everyone expected…

The Forex Week In Review

A much quieter week than last with the majority of pairs finishing within last week’s range as we head into next week’s Fed meeting. Improved USD sentiment has left markets trading on individual domestic outlooks as safe haven flows subside.

Reminder: End of British Summer Time

Just a quick reminder for all that British Summer Time comes to an end on Sunday.

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Happy Friday! Time for another round-up of the most strange, unusual, hilarious and just plain odd news in Five Lessons Learnt This Week. This time around, we’ve learnt why to always keep on top of mowing your lawn, to get out of Waterstones before closing time and why trying to climb down your ex’s chimney is never going to be a good idea…

Viral Videos of the Week

It’s time for another round-up of our favourite Viral Videos of the Week! This time, you can watch a combat ship launch, a car drive itself and a blind man see for the first time, as well as a group of food critics eating McDonalds with relish…

Morning Report: GBP GDP, What Will We See?

Another good day for the Dollar as weekly jobless claims come in better than expected. Relative growth, monetary and fiscal story are all support the currency at the moment.

Index Trading: Yen Breaks Due To Stock Enthusiasm

European PMI data, particularly the German manufacturing PMI came in better than expected which gave the Euro a slight boost in the early London session, although this was not sustained into the afternoon

Order Flow Trading With Trendlines

One of the most rewarding trading methods a trader can apply, is to trade with the trend. The old market addage “the trend is your friend” isn’t an old market addage for no reason!
Some of the most successful traders in market history have been trend followers.

NZDUSD: Kiwi Keeling Over

The fundamental picture for the Kiwi is beginning to look pretty bleak.

Stop Wasting Time: productivity tips from people who get stuff done

Making sure you’re spending your time productively is absolutely key to making the most of your day. But in a world where we’re surrounded by distractions, it’s not always easy. So we’re helping you out by rounding up some tips and advice for time management and productivity from people who know how to get stuff done…

Littlefish Loves: Blackberry Passport

If you like to trade on the go, you’re probably all too aware of the difficulties of trading on a small screen on your smartphone. But sometimes tablets are just too big to haul around. Enter the Blackberry Passport, a smartphone designed specifically for business use with features that make it ideal for mobile trading.

Morning Report: USD Up On CPI Beat

YoY US CPI came in slightly better than expected Yesterday printing 1.7% v 1.6% which although doesn’t do much to change the Fed’s perspective , does improve US economic sentiment in light of recent global disinflationary pressure and saw risk sentiment improve somewhat.

Index Trading: Consolidation Ranges Widen As US CPI Dodges Bullet

Dollar strength has resulted in us breaking the steeper bearish dollar index channel previously recommended and we have now entered a less desirable, more range-bound scenario for many of the FX indices…

Get to know the Bank of England’s MPC

You watch them month after month as they decide on interest rates, but how well do you really know the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee? We’ve made it easy for you… read on for the key points you need to know about all the committee members and our Littlefish Market Mover ratings that will tell you who you need to watch out for…

Morning Report: Key Data Releases Today

A mixed day Yesterday as markets remain nervous over ECB bond buying and await key data releases today which could see another volatile Wednesday.

Index Trading: ECB Bond Rumours But Still Stalemate

The main news of the day was not the better than expected Chinese GDP and Industrial Production numbers or the upbeat US existing home sales, but the rumour that the ECB were looking at beginning corporate bond purchases as soon as December…

WIN! A free lunch with Lunch Box London

It’s competition time! Can’t get away from your screens? Let us bring lunch to you instead. We’re giving five of you the chance to win a fresh lunch from Lunch Box London.

Morning Report: GBP Stronger On Quiet Session

Cable put in a strong day Yesterday covering 100pips to the upside, mainly on the back of strong housing data. BoE minutes later this week are expected to provide further volatility in the pair with current expectations that they will…

The LFX Guide to: Cameras

If you’re in the mood for a new bit of tech, cameras are getting more impressive by the day. Gone are the days of cameras just plain taking photos – now, they can do everything from interact with your smartphone and automatically post to social media to filming sharks underwater. We’ve got the scoop on all the latest cameras, from the newest GoPro releases to indestructible and self-powering cameras…

Index Trading: A Lack Of Bearish Dollar Follow Through

Monday was predictably slow due to the lack of real data so for the most part the supports and resistances remained intact. The dollar weakened slightly from the 100 hour moving average although now sits back at key support so seems unlikely to make progress without a data stimulus to break the narrow range…

AUDUSD: Aussie On The Ropes

With AUDUSD still stuck in a tightly congested range holding at a double bottom with previous YTD lows, the question is, where do we go now?

Morning Report: GBP, JPY, EUR, CAD

After falling almost 5% last week, the Nikkei is leading risk sentiment to the upside, rallying almost 4% and reclaiming the 15,000 handle. This follows an impressive rebound on Wall St on Friday which saw the Dow rally 1.63% to leave it down just 1% on the week…

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

A stronger USD and falling commodity prices have contributed to a decline in inflation expectations in the US. Falling inflation and inflation expectations is a global phenomenon and the UK and China recently reported sharp declines in CPI inflation. This week, US CPI may follow that trend…

Weekly COT Analysis: Volatility Returns

Volatility returned with a vengeance this week – there is clearly a growing nervousness in financial markets. The sharp decline in equity markets and rally in US treasury bonds this week had an overall impression of panic and roiled FX markets accordingly…

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

In The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle, we’re giving you a sneak preview into what you can expect from our Trader Lifestyle section this week, keeping you up to date on tech, fashion, sports, cars, events and all your favourite distractions from the trading screen.

Order Flow Trading In Action

Let’s take a look at a trade we took recently, which demonstrates just how powerful our Order Flow methods are, not only in terms of generating trade ideas but also in timing entries to the market…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Hands up who’s glad it’s Friday? Celebrate by taking a break to catch up on this week’s Five Lessons Learnt. This time around, we’ve learnt just how much you can find on Google Earth, how mopping a floor can get you into trouble and why every little really does help…

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s Viral Videos of the week, watch the biggest water bomb you’ve ever seen, a very scary scarecrow, a kangaroo boxing match and a genius way to breakdance (no skill necessary)…

Business and Trading Advice You Shouldn’t Listen To

Okay, so we’ve given you plenty of good business advice in Secrets of Success and Words of Wisdom… now it’s time to take a look at the bad. Read on for the five pieces of business and trading advice you shouldn’t listen to and the powerhouses that have proved the old adages wrong…

Top 10 Best New Restaurants

It’s National ‘Leave the Office Early’ day! Make the most of it by escaping from your desk and checking out one of these new restaurants…

Introduction to Order Flow Trading (Course Preview)

This article is an introduction to applying an Order Flow approach using the Metastock platform. This is a very simple technique that can prove very powerful. The key to this approach is to follow the big players, choosing the right side of the market. This requires the use of professional trading platforms and a very good datafeed…

Littlefish Loves: Lunch Box London

Ever have those days when the trading charts are just too hectic to drag yourself away to find a good lunch? And inevitably end up eating whatever’s quick and easy, regardless of what it tastes like or whether it’s good for you? Well, Lunch Box London are here to help.

Video: A Quick Intro to Order Flow Trading

Want to learn about the trading techniques used here at Littlefish FX? Then watch CEO Sam Barry take you through a brief intro to Order Flow Trading…

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Try

It’s time to step away from those trading screens and blow some cobwebs away with one our Top 10 Outdoor Activities. Whether you fancy jumping from a cliff, riding down a river in an inflatable armchair or rolling around in a giant inflatable hamster ball, there’s something here for you…

Beat the news junkies: use order flow

With the markets ever increasingly becoming news junkies it’s becoming more and more interesting to see that trend following seems to be back in fashion. The concept is almost counter intuitive, news junkie surely results in violent breakouts and reversals…

Book Club

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here. Don’t have time to get through them all? Download […]

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37

Video: Using the Littlefish FX Psych Indicator

Our LFX Psych Indicator measures the % of longs or shorts in a given period and is used in two key ways. Here’s a short video tutorial from Sam…

Tailor your Fish Feed email subscription

If you’ve subscribed to our weekly Fish Feed emails, we want to make sure you’re only receiving the emails you want: so make sure you’ve tailored your subscription to whatever it is you’re after in Forex…

Avoiding false signals

Immediately following a crucial night in UK following Scotland’s NO verdict in the independence referendum last week, there were fewer opportunities in the market due to few significant data releases. Thus, USD is holding up, while EUR and GBP remain flat (although GBP does seem healthier than EUR). Looking at this market situation then, I […]

Dark Pools and the FX Trade

With the debate flying around on the subject of Dark Pools, why should I, as an FX trader care? Well, apart from it being an interesting subject for anyone involved in finance, dark pools aren’t actually too dissimilar to how FX brokers’ order books work…


LFX/NinjaTrader Webinar: Order Book trading secrets

Back in 2013, Littlefish FX’s very own Sam Barry gave a NinjaTrader Webinar on Order Book trading secrets. Didn’t catch it? Fear not, NinjaTrader were kind enough to record it all in full, so here it is again for your viewing pleasure…

Moving Average Myth Buster: Part 1

Moving Averages are some of the most widely used methods of analysing a trend. Here we compare the performance of a moving average cross system using various combinations of these commonly used moving averages when placed upon a strongly trending pair such as AUDUSD…

Positioning and Scaling

As many of you know we use a lot of order book analysis, our primary trading, which is all systematic and uses a lot of methods for scaling and calculating risk. However our new order book methods – that we trade manually and you can proxy – are very simple when it comes to scaling in and out, but worth understanding…

Basic Order Flow – Trade Like Littlefish

A really quick bit of insight into how you could have captured all of the EURUSD recent moves without any effort, just by looking at order flow. From CEO Sam Barry…

EURUSD = Post presser

Order Flow Basics: Delta

In the latest educational article on order flow, Gabriele demonstrates a way to use order flow information to catch a possible market reversal…

Top four candlestick patterns to look out for

When it comes to trading candlestick charts, you’ve no doubt got your own favourites, but it’s always healthy to get another opinion. Right? Good. Here then, are our top four candlestick patterns to keep an eye out for on your chart…

Order Flow Trading: How to follow trend

Gabriele demonstrates how you could have captured recent negative movements of equity futures by the use of order flow and volume strategies…

Understanding Forex Trading Sessions

The Forex market may be open 24 hours a day during the week, but it is important to note that not all times are equal. Understanding why is an important lesson for any trader so that they can adapt their trading style to suit the market conditions…

Retail investors’ portal iNVEZZ launches crowd funding campaign

Our friends over at iNVEZZ – the comparison and review investment portal – have launched a campaign on crowd funding site Crowdcube. The innovative online company is raising investment capital for the development of unique new features, and you can meet and grill the co-founders at their live London pitch on July 30th…

The key remains to follow the flow

John Plender wrote an interesting and short piece in the FT last week, and I suggest you read it…

Buy: Indicators, Courses & Strategies

Our Littlefish FX Trading tools – available to download instantly – include Add-ons, Indicators, Strategies and Courses.


RTAS System Insight Part 4: Rebaselining & Conclusion

The fourth and concluding part in our series of articles by CEO Sam Barry talking about the RTAS System and addressing some of the most common questions and feedback from inquisitive Littlefish FX readers…


Bespoke Forex Trading Systems

A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM IN A BOX Attention all prop, managed account, hedge fund and fund businesses – here at Littlefish FX we are offering bespoke black box development based on our patented in-house order book systems. A full trading system – unique to you Based on underlying order flow techniques as used in our […]


RTAS System Insight Part 3: Creating our Portfolio

Now lets consider where the difference lie between systems. A good example may be that a fund or Hedgefund is looking for 25% to 30% returns per annum, 1:5 leverage with ultra low drawdowns, but is not concerned with number of open trades and allows hedging structures…

RTAS System Insight Part 2: Strategy building

Once we have the idea, the concept then turned to how do we build component based systems so that we can either produce long dated consistent systems or manipulate components for certain conditions or system specifications…

RTAS System Insight Part 1: Order Flow

To start with, I’d like give you all a bit of insight into how we build systems and therefore a little insight into the RTAS system as it finalises its rebaselining…

March Review

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry shares his month-end thoughts on trading in March…

Littlefish Shark School

Want a trading job at Littlefish FX? Do you have what it takes to become a trading shark? We are looking for our next generation of traders. Familiar with the “turtle trading” concept of several years ago? Well let us introduce to you the Littlefish FX trading concept. We are looking for people to outperform […]


Alternative Investments

We have teamed up with a number of partners to offer alternative options to investing in our FX systems, providing several options and price points depending on what you’re looking for from your investment. As opposed to our signals service, this means that we only earn when we make you money, (although we will earn […]

Buffett on Investing

“If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays.” Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway holders is definitely worth a read. Short on time? Fear not, we’ve pulled out the best lines here…


The 7 big questions about Alternative Investments

In the current market, the search for a decent return is driving more people to consider alternative investments. One attractive option is the Foreign Exchange managed account. To help you understand why, here we explore some of the key considerations with our 7 big questions about Alternative Investments…

Order Book Insight

As we have had a fair few questions recently on the choppy markets and order book trading, I thought it might be nice to provide a little more insight into the current market conditions…

February Review

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry shares his thoughts on trading in February, and looks ahead to what March may bring…

Managed Accounts

We have teamed up with investment managers, TMS Capital Limited, to offer a fully-managed investment solution…

January Review

In the first of his monthly review letters of 2014, Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry gives his views on trading in January…

LFX Infographic: January 2014

January is over so it’s time to check out our monthly infographic, featuring our Systems Performance results from the first month of 2014 plus the best facts and stats from around the world in January….

LFX Infographic: December 2013

January is here so it’s time to check out our monthly infographic, featuring our Systems Performance results from December & the best facts and stats from around the world from 2013…

Systems Performance

Here at Littlefish FX, we spend a lot of time designing systems for others to use. See below for links to the current systems we are operating, designed and/or built for ourselves and for others. All of these systems are based on the same underlying order book components with various limitations or structures as per […]


Forex Trading Courses

Attention class! Launching very soon are our full selection of Forex courses, including: Getting Started with Forex, Order Book Systems, COT Report, Intraday Breakout Strategy and plenty more. All courses are free to all members (of course!) and we’ll send you an email when they become available. Click for more info…