Triple Threat Trading With COT, Order Flow & Pin Bar

As we know, combining the Littlefish FX trading tools can be a sure-fire method for enhancing trading returns. So this week, in response to some questions we have been receiving about some of our most powerful tools, we are going to walk through some examples of how combining the tools to add levels of confirmation and filter can be deliver fantastic results

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Seven Things You Need To Know Before Booking Your Summer Holiday

As the nights get lighter and the days get warmer, our minds are turning to our summer holidays. If you’re planning a trip away, make sure you’ve read these seven important things you need to know before you jet off…

Morning Report: Month & Quarter End Flows Ahead…

Flows into EURJPY carried EURUSD up to 1.0846 high but reported speculative sellers emerged and forced the single currency into 1.0815 in the late morning. Interbank reports suggest some sellers positioning into selling of Euros for month-end balancing.

Weekly COT Analysis: EUR Shorts Highest Levels Since 2006

CFTC dat showed USD aggregated net long position increased 13.7% as traders took advantage of a pullback in the USD after the profit taking that was witnessed last week post the less hawkish FED meeting. Traders will be eyeing this week’s Non Farm Payroll data as another impressive number will likely boost the USD. EUR … Continue reading Weekly COT Analysis: EUR Shorts Highest Levels Since 2006

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week, we’re planning our summer hols, eating our body weight in Easter Eggs and playing April Fools’ Day tricks on our friends and colleagues… read on to get involved!

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Having fallen for the first half of the week on softer data, USD managed to stage a midweek resurrection and climb back to the weekly opening price as risk aversion kicked in seeing US Treasuries well bid

Morning Report: Quiet Start Within Recent Ranges, NFP’s Eyed

EURUSD opens the week close to the middle this new short term range 1.0780‐1.1050 as the market starts to look at the all important Non Farm payrolls this Friday. European data leads with consumer confidence and CPI prints out over the next couple of days

The Forex Week In Review

A busy week for Forex markets with a raft of issues affecting rates. The Dollar started the week softer on the back of the dovish FOMC and was led lower by weaker US data. Comments from Fed’s Lockhart concerning a summer rate hike buoyed the buck and indeed we saw the Dollar stage a midweek comeback as risk aversion flows surged on the escalating conflict in Yemen. JPY was a beneficiary of these safe haven flows whilst EUR bore the brunt of the USD rebound. Oil prices also rebounded , driven too by the Yemenese situation, seeing commodity currencies climb.

Six Trading Strategies You Need To Try

With such a vast selection of varying calibre strategies all over the internet, new traders can find themselves wasting precious trading time flip-flopping between different strategies all yielding the same disappointing results. So to help you, we have outlined six of our favourite, most effective trading strategies…


Top 10 Ways to Take a Break from Trading

As all traders will know – sometimes, trading can take over your life. And overworking and getting burned out will not help your trading strategy. In fact, it will probably hurt it. So heed this warning and make time for a break from the charts – here are our top 10 ways to take a break from trading to give you some ideas…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

It’s Friday! Time to kick back and relax and read our weekly-round up of unusual, funny and downright strange new stories in Five Lessons Learnt.
This week, find out who’s giving away free money, which smart watch is set to give the Apple Watch a run for its money and how your smartphone knows what mood you’re in (and is about to tell everyone)…

Viral Videos of the Week

Another Friday, another five of the best viral videos that have made a splash in the Youtube world this week. This time, we’ve got every Tom Hanks movie rolled into one 7-minute video, a spontaneous musical about beer and what James May said about Clarkson being sacked…

Morning Report: Will Yellen Provide Some Last Minute Volatility?

EURUSD had a firm rejection of the topside overnight. Interbank flow reports suggest high turnover at the 1.1000 handle with decent offers re­-emerging for the 3 rd day running. It is this persistent replenished supply which eventually won over and again it happened as NY entered the fray.

A quick guide to: COT Implied Positions Indicator

Here we take a look at our fantastic COT Implied Positions Indicator which is available as an add-on to our COT Indicator.

Best Watches of Baselworld 2015

As Baselworld 2015 comes to an end, we’re taking a look at all of our favourite watches from the show. Whether you’re after a timepiece that looks pretty, glows in the dark, has a miniature solar system or just tells you the time (in all 24 timezones in the world, no less) read on…

Morning Report: Risk Off, USD Profit Taking Persists

Risk sentiment has taken a hit the past 24 hours or so, as geopolitical risks in the Middle East have intensified, sending oil prices as high as 5pct this morning. The reaction in USDJPY has been muted, albeit predominantly and understandably seeing pressure to the left.

Littlefish Loves: SWASH

No time for washing + ironing (or even a trip to the dry cleaner)? Enter SWASH – the 10-minute clothing miracle we need in our lives.

New strategies & trading plans added to our Forex trading course!

We’re continually looking to add to and improve what we offer in our Forex Mastercourse, and with that in mind we’re delighted to announce that we’ve added two further strategies and trading plans to the course!


Morning Report: Whipsaw Price Action Heading Into Quarter End

EURUSD was rangy in Asia after a hugely volatile London and New York session in which we again saw whip saw moves post US CPI, as the USD veered stronger then weaker only to close stronger again as the market continues to chase its tail. Having traded above 1.10 again (first time since the FOMC pop) we have settled into a 1.0900/­40 range in Asia

Video: Using Order Flow Trader With Chart Patterns

In this video, Forex Analyst James Harte discusses how to combine our Order Flow Trader indicator with some of the chart patterns taught in our Forex Mastercourse, for maximum trading profits…

Using Order Flow Trader With Chart Patterns

Having a solid understanding of basic chart patterns is one of the best tools a trader can have in their arsenal. When most new traders look at a chart, all they see is random action and they are completely confused by what is happening on their screens. However, traders that have learnt to look for basic patterns repeating themselves are able to put price action into an understandable context and make actionable predictions based on expected outcomes.

Morning Report: USD Profit Taking Correction Continues

In hindsight, the melt higher in EURUSD on Wednesday was too fast for a proper position cleanse with the market taking too much comfort in the subsequent sell off believing the worst was over. The sustained squeeze on Friday/Monday has finally brought the market to its knees with a variety of names stopping out of cash shorts clearing order books. This is a continuation of the “weak hands to strong hands” positioning

Weekly COT Analysis: USD Longs Pared Ahead Of Doveish FOMC

CFTC data shows USD aggregated net long position decreased 11.3% last week to a $38.7 billion as traders grew less bullish the greenback ahead of last week’s FOMC policy meeting which reflected a far more dovish than consensus stance by the FED with rate move expectations being pushed out to later this year early next year as the FED Chair Yellen highlighted that whilst the term ‘Patient’ had been removed from the statement the FOMC wouldn’t be impatient in making a move.

Video: Intraday Trend Trading

In this video , Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry walks you through his trading strategy for Intraday trend trading, explaining how to set up charts, what the different indicators mean and how he uses them to trade profitably on an Intraday basis…

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Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week, we’re trying out new ways to take a break from trading, checking out the latest gadgets and keeping up to date with what’s going on around the world… read on to join in!

Morning Report: Post FOMC Consolidation Continues

Last weeks EURUSD rally of 3.1% was the eight largest in the history of the Euro registering its best weekly gain in 18 months, boosted by the sell-off in USD and the reversal in US yields after last weeks doveish FOMC

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: March 23rd – 27th

GBP: CPI March 24th
USD: CPI March 24th, Durable Goods March 25th
JPY : CPI March 26th

The 7 Best Trading Films Of All Time

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, one of the hit films of 2014 so far, is far from the first effort from Hollywood at depicting the world of trading. Here are Littlefish FX’s seven best trading films of all time…

The LFX Guide to: 2015 Fitness Trends

We’ve found the latest fitness trends, gadgets and crazes that’ll get you in shape in no time.

The Forex Week In Review

An extremely quiet start to the week ended in the loudest of fashion as the dovish FOMC meeting sent USD plummeting, only to instantly reverse it’s losses. The Fed have removed “patient” from their language but suggested that the pace of rate-hikes will be slower than expected although data dependant.

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s Viral Videos: how is Daylight Saving Time still a thing, a new kind of cardio, Bach, the Jackson 5 and a bird’s eye view from the top of the Burj Khalifa…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

This time, we’ve learnt what the new £1 coin will look like, who got Ikea hide-and-seek banned, why Internet Explorer is getting binned and how to be like James Bond.

Morning Report: Markets Back To Pre FOMC levels

Market continues to trade on position adjustment post Wednesday’s FOMC. The low in EURUSD was around 1.0610/15 which was around the pre FOMC levels

Looking At EURUSD

Short EURUSD is still a great trade moving into Q2 as although the pace of rate-hikes might be slower and market anticipation is moving toward September over June, the point is that rates are still going to rise and as the timing is data dependant, we could still see a sooner than September lift-off.

Words of Wisdom 3: inspiring quotes from wise owls

We’re back with part 3 in our series of inspiring and motivational quotes from the wisest owls in trading, finance, technology and business.

Morning Report: Whipsaw Trading In Major Positions Washout Post FOMC

KEY DATA RELEASES TODAY (GMT) : 1015 EUR EU Economic Summit 1015 EUR Targeted LTRO 40.0B v 129.8B 1230 USD Current Account -103B v -100B 1230 USD Unemployment Claims 295K v 289K 1400 USD Philly Fed Manufacturing Index 7.2 v 5.2 OVERNIGHT: The FOMC meeting and FED Chair Yellen’s presser were the catalyst for a … Continue reading Morning Report: Whipsaw Trading In Major Positions Washout Post FOMC

Top four must-have Forex indicators in 2015

In the world of currency trading, a great indicator alongside a solid trading plan can prove all the difference between being consistently profitable or falling flat. Here at Littlefish FX we work hard to bring you the very best indicators designed to enhance your profitability. So read on as we pick out our four must-have Forex indicators for 2015..


Free trials now offered on all our Forex Indicators

Interested in one of our market-leading Forex Indicators? You can now try any (or all!) of them for 14 days, completely free of charge!


Trendline Trading With VWAP

In this article we’re going to explore how to combine the incredibly powerful Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) indicator (only recently released as part of our Order Flow Volume & Delta suite) with some simple technical analysis to generate high probability trading ideas.

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Video: Trendline Trading With VWAP

In this video tutorial to accompany the educational article, we look at how to use our brand new VWAP indicator to create high probability, high reward trading opportunities and learn how you can begin boosting your trading profits right away…

Littlefish Loves: The AeroMobil

The AeroMobil: is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying sports car.

Morning Report: Market ‘Patiently’ Waiting For The FOMC

Market continues to remain skittish and in wait and see mode as we move ever closer towards tonight’s FOMC event with expectations of the word ‘patient’ being removed relatively priced in to the market it may take some direct reference to the recent bout of broad USD strength to ignite volatility

Trading The FOMC: Join us live!

Join CEO Sam Barry and FX Analyst James Harte for a live session as they take in the all-important FOMC meeting live over twitter and give you our breakdown and what is happening and how they plan to trade it…

Time-saving Tech and Apps for Traders

Our time is precious, and we know that’s particularly true of busy traders. So we’ve found the latest time-saving tech, apps and gadgets that will take care of boring chores, cut procrastination and help you get stuff done, leaving you with more time for the charts (or to yourself).

Morning Report: Positions Pared Ahead of FOMC

Typical vacillating pre FOMC markets as thin whippy conditions persist for now but overall EURUSD profit taking bias as we push back towards the 1.0620 handle. Market continues to favour selling rallies and will look at the initial 1.0620­/40 area as an entry point for shorts with caution above 1.0700 for now

Weekly COT Analysis: USD Longs Approach Record Levels

CFTC data showed USD aggregated net long position increased 6.4% to $43.6 Billion breaking a four week trend of declines in the net aggregated long USD positioning, the net long bets on the USD are now nearing record levels ahead of this week’s FOMC as traders are betting that the ‘patience’ term will be dropped from the statement green lighting a FED rate raise this year.

Forex Trading Course

Designed for FX traders of all experience, our Forex Trading Course covers everything from FX basics all the way through to Order Flow techniques and strategies used to trade millions. Alongside 24 chapters (+ bonus) of comprehensive educational material, we provide you with all the trading plans, indicators and strategies required to gain a comprehensive … Continue reading Forex Trading Course


Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: March 16th – 20th

EUR: German ZEW Survey March 17th
USD: FOMC Rate Decision March 18th
NZD: GDP March 18th
CAD: CPI March 20th

Morning Report: USD Pauses As FOMC Eyed

Overall a mixed Asian session, USD kicked off the week firm but weakened into Asia open. after all this is FOMC and markets are likely to consolidate ahead of Wednesday.

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week, we’re making our trading days healthier, checking out the latest time-saving apps and gadgets and getting inspired by the wisest owls in the business. Who’s in?

Try our new Forex course: with indicators, trading plans & strategies!

Our Forex course provides you with all the trading plans, indicators and strategies required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Order Flow trading techniques successfully used by the traders here at Littlefish FX…


Viral Videos of the Week

Take a break from the charts and get up to date with the week in viral videos. This time, we’ve got a dog eating a lemon, the Apple Watch, slick dance moves, and just what happens when you crack your knuckles…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

Another trading week is over – time for this week’s Five Lessons Learnt. Read on to find out why you should always check your suitcase, just how much people will spend on their pets and why cups are definitely not for chips.

Intraday Pin Bars To Boost Your Bottom Line

In a fast moving market, you want clear easy to read signals that you can act on immediately. So with that in mind, we are going to look at a nice, simple trading strategy you can use for intra-day profits.

New: Order Flow Volume & Delta Indicator Suite! Try it now

Here at Littlefish FX, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have launched a brand new indicator suite as part of our Forex Mastercourse. After months of hard work in the making, our techies have come up with the Order Flow Volume and Delta Suite…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 1

Over the past few years Quants have had a lot of attention and primarily, in my opinion, bad press. I have no intention of setting the record straight (it’s honestly the only time in my life I could consider myself anything close to a bad boy so I’m taking it…). However, what I thought I would do is give you a bit of insight into what we do in the bowl to unlock a little bit of the mystery around Quants and these “evil” algorithms…

Stock Market Chart on Blue Background

Introduction to Order Flow Trading (Course Preview)

This article is an introduction to applying an Order Flow approach using the Metastock platform. This is a very simple technique that can prove very powerful. The key to this approach is to follow the big players, choosing the right side of the market. This requires the use of professional trading platforms and a very good datafeed…

Mastering the Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

Candlesticks are a trader’s bread and butter and so it’s a good idea to learn how to spot the key patterns – just like the Engulfing candlestick, which we discuss here in our latest Learn with Littlefish article…

Top Three Stop Loss Methods

Stop losses enable traders to calculate their risk per trade and maximize profit. Read on to find out more about the three most commonly used methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can make them work for you…

LFX/NinjaTrader Webinar: Order Book trading secrets

Back in 2013, Littlefish FX’s very own Sam Barry gave a NinjaTrader Webinar on Order Book trading secrets. Didn’t catch it? Fear not, NinjaTrader were kind enough to record it all in full, so here it is again for your viewing pleasure…

Greece has the strongest hand

On Thursday, the Greek finance minister tweeted out an opinion piece. It’s quite a brave move from a political figure, and an interesting one. If this was a game of poker, I’d definitely want Greece’s hand right now as opposed to any other European Country or the ECB…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 5

In his final part from his series on building quant models, CEO Sam Barry discusses measuring performance…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 4

Following on from my last article on the types of trading strategies we can really use in quant systems, I want to talk to you about building them – and then managing risk…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 3

In the third part of his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different types of quant trading strategies used here at Littlefish FX…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 2

In the second article on his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different models used at Littlefish FX, including strategy (engine), risk and cost models…


Letter from the CEO: 2014 in review

As we wind down for Christmas I thought it would be nice once again to do an open letter to all of you, reviewing our year here at Littlefish as well as the trading year, and looking forward to next year…


Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Trader Lifestyle affiliates and the great offers and deals we have available for Littlefish FX readers. Instacart Instacart is a grocery delivery service that’ll get your food delivered to you in as little as an hour – their fastest delivery to date took just 12 minutes! … Continue reading Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory


Beat the news junkies: use order flow

With the markets ever increasingly becoming news junkies it’s becoming more and more interesting to see that trend following seems to be back in fashion. The concept is almost counter intuitive, news junkie surely results in violent breakouts and reversals…

Book Club

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here. Don’t have time to get through them all? Download … Continue reading Book Club

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37

Retail investors’ portal iNVEZZ launches crowd funding campaign

Our friends over at iNVEZZ – the comparison and review investment portal – have launched a campaign on crowd funding site Crowdcube. The innovative online company is raising investment capital for the development of unique new features, and you can meet and grill the co-founders at their live London pitch on July 30th…

The key remains to follow the flow

John Plender wrote an interesting and short piece in the FT last week, and I suggest you read it…

Buy: Indicators, Courses & Strategies

Our Littlefish FX Trading tools – available to download instantly – include Add-ons, Indicators, Strategies and Courses.


RTAS System Insight Part 4: Rebaselining & Conclusion

The fourth and concluding part in our series of articles by CEO Sam Barry talking about the RTAS System and addressing some of the most common questions and feedback from inquisitive Littlefish FX readers…


Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting

Bespoke Forex Trading Systems – jump to Bespoke Forex Indicators – jump to NinjaTrader/MT4 Signal Hosting Attention all prop, managed account, hedge fund and fund businesses – here at Littlefish FX we are offering bespoke black box development based on our patented in-house order book systems. A full trading system – unique to you Based … Continue reading Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting


RTAS System Insight Part 3: Creating our Portfolio

Now lets consider where the difference lie between systems. A good example may be that a fund or Hedgefund is looking for 25% to 30% returns per annum, 1:5 leverage with ultra low drawdowns, but is not concerned with number of open trades and allows hedging structures…

RTAS System Insight Part 2: Strategy building

Once we have the idea, the concept then turned to how do we build component based systems so that we can either produce long dated consistent systems or manipulate components for certain conditions or system specifications…

RTAS System Insight Part 1: Order Flow

To start with, I’d like give you all a bit of insight into how we build systems and therefore a little insight into the RTAS system as it finalises its rebaselining…

March Review

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry shares his month-end thoughts on trading in March…

Littlefish Shark School

Want a trading job at Littlefish FX? Do you have what it takes to become a trading shark? We are looking for our next generation of traders. Familiar with the “turtle trading” concept of several years ago? Well let us introduce to you the Littlefish FX trading concept. We are looking for people to outperform … Continue reading Littlefish Shark School


Alternative Investments

We have teamed up with a number of partners to offer alternative options to investing in our FX systems, providing several options and price points depending on what you’re looking for from your investment. As opposed to our signals service, this means that we only earn when we make you money, (although we will earn … Continue reading Alternative Investments

Buffett on Investing

“If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays.” Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway holders is definitely worth a read. Short on time? Fear not, we’ve pulled out the best lines here…


The 7 big questions about Alternative Investments

In the current market, the search for a decent return is driving more people to consider alternative investments. One attractive option is the Foreign Exchange managed account. To help you understand why, here we explore some of the key considerations with our 7 big questions about Alternative Investments…

Systems Performance

Here at Littlefish FX, we spend a lot of time designing systems for others to use. See below for links to the current systems we are operating, designed and/or built for ourselves and for others. All of these systems are based on the same underlying order book components with various limitations or structures as per … Continue reading Systems Performance


Forex Trading Courses

Attention class! Launching very soon are our full selection of Forex courses, including: Getting Started with Forex, Order Book Systems, COT Report, Intraday Breakout Strategy and plenty more. All courses are free to all members (of course!) and we’ll send you an email when they become available. Click for more info…