Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 18th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 18th

Morning Report: FOMC On Track, USD Higher

USDJPY whipsawed from a day low of 116.29 to a session high of 118.89 after the Federal Reserve’s latest policy statement and comments from Janet Yellen that signalled the central bank was on track to hike rates next year

Letter from the CEO: 2014 in review

As we wind down for Christmas I thought it would be nice once again to do an open letter to all of you, reviewing our year here at Littlefish as well as the trading year, and looking forward to next year…


FOMC: Considering ‘considerable’

Market expects the FOMC to change its forward guidance as a signal it is ready to raise interest rates in 2015
Risk of a ‘buy the rumour, sell the fact’ effect suggesting potential for a modest USD sell-off.

The Best of Littlefish Loves 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we’re rounding up our top five Littlefish Loves of the year.

Morning Report: FOMC To Drive Next Dollar Phase

EURUSD edged higher yesterday and broke resistance at 1.2500 after the release of Eurozone December PMI data

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 17th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 17th

A quick guide to: Order Flow Trader

In the last decade, market data has become more accessible than ever before. Because of this, Order Flow techniques have gained momentum as more and more traders have begun to use them as tools for reading the market. So, what is order flow trading?

$EURUSD (Daily)  29_01_2014 - 01_12_2014

Video: Using the Littlefish FX Psych Indicator

Our LFX Psych Indicator measures the % of longs or shorts in a given period and is used in two key ways. Here’s a short video tutorial from Sam…

A quick guide to: Pin Bar Indicator

What does it do? When should you use it? All of your questions answered about our Pin Bar Indicator…

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 16th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 16th

Morning Report: USDCAD 5 Year Highs AUDUSD 4 Year Lows

USDCAD broke 1.16 to print its highest level in 5-1/2 years yesterday as crude prices hit multiyear lows after OPEC remained firm on its production stance.

The Fishies 2014: the nominees

Get those tuxes and ball gowns at the ready, pop the bubbly and find your camera… as 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for the second Littlefish FX Fishies, our end-of-year awards.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 13.42.33

A quick guide to: COT Indicator

What is the COT Report? What does this indicator do? When should you use it? All of your questions answered about our COT Indicator…

Weekly COT Analysis: USD Longs Pared For Second Week

Investors grew less bullish on the US Dollar for the second straight week as growing fears over global growth and plunging oil prices sent investors into safe haven assets and prompted them to exit heavy strong US Dollar bets.

Morning Report: USDJPY Whipsaw As Abe Wins Election

Japan PM Abe/LDP landslide win at Sunday polls, record low turnout though, markets see Abe’s stimulus measures continuing. JPY saw large swings in Asia on event risk and moves in other financial markets.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 15th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 15th


Video: Strategy Building with the COT Indicator

Want to learn how to build a COT automated trading system using the LFX COT Indicator and NinjaTrader Strategy Wizard? Then make sure you watch this short video from Littlefish FX…

The Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Market expects the Fed to drop the ‘considerable’ phrase at the upcoming FOMC meeting, which alongside some more hawkish comments and strong US data has boosted USD.

5 reasons to stay away from your trading screens at Christmas

A very real trap for the keen FX trader during the Christmas break, is the lure of spending additional time in front of the screens in the continued quest for trading excellence. With some more free-time than usual, it’s possible that you become keen to take every opportunity possible to improve your trading skills. We’d like to quickly address a few issues that would suggest this time is better spent with family and loved ones. Here are some of the key reasons that the charts are best left alone over the holiday period:

Channel Surfing For Profits

Sticking with the theme of trend from last weeks session, it’s time to further boost your armoury with another technique – channel surfing and needless to say we done mean with a TV remote…

Combining COT & Order Flow Indicators

Here at Littlefish FX, our whole trading ethos is centered around trying to trade in the same direction as the big fish: the Banks and major financial institutions. Whilst in the past, trading aspirations such as this would have been relatively impossible due to lack of information available to traders outside of these institutions, we now find ourselves at an incredibly interesting and exciting point, with market data, information and analytics creating opportunities for retail traders that have never before been seen.

Introducing our new Forex course: with indicators, trading plans & strategies!

Our Forex course is designed for FX traders of all experience and you’ll find everything you need to turn you from Market Minnow into Trading Shark. We provide you with all the trading plans, indicators and strategies required to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Order Flow trading techniques successfully used by the traders here at Littlefish FX…


Introduction to Order Flow Trading (Course Preview)

This article is an introduction to applying an Order Flow approach using the Metastock platform. This is a very simple technique that can prove very powerful. The key to this approach is to follow the big players, choosing the right side of the market. This requires the use of professional trading platforms and a very good datafeed…

The Forex Week in Review

The lower-than-expected TLTRO2 take-up has increased the probability of the ECB embarking on an outright QE program, which should prove negative for EUR in the medium term.

Avoiding false signals

Immediately following a crucial night in UK following Scotland’s NO verdict in the independence referendum last week, there were fewer opportunities in the market due to few significant data releases. Thus, USD is holding up, while EUR and GBP remain flat (although GBP does seem healthier than EUR). Looking at this market situation then, I […]

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s round-up of viral videos there are death-defying daredevil stunts we won’t be trying at home (or anywhere else for that matter), musical experiments and the Orion spaceship’s very first flight…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In Five Lessons Learnt This Week, we’ve found out how panettone cuts crime, what the world’s most expensive bike costs and that selfies are taking over…

Morning Report: Upbeat Retail Sales Support USD

The rebound in the USD from yesterday’s lows on the back of upbeat retail sales has seen the DXY consolidate around 88.50 overnight. US equity markets also stabilised with the DJIA up 0.36% & S&P500 UP 0.45% which in turn has provided a degree of comfort to Asian markets which are mostly in positive territory.

Best ski resorts for traders

It’s time to start planning a break from the trading charts and book your winter skiing holiday – and we’ve given you a helping hand by picking out the best ski resorts from around the world.

Morning Report: A Pause In The USD Advance

The sell-off in equity markets continues with the DJIA down 1.51% & S&P500 down 1.64%. Asian equity markets are similarly under pressure as the sell-off continues with the Nikkei down almost 1%. The dollar index briefly breached 88, while EURUSD stopped just shy of 1.25 in early Asian trading before retracing

Traders’ Guide to Surviving the Festive Season

Our traders’ guide to surviving the festive season – from how to avoid turkey mishaps to what to do when you get a really, really bad present…

Traders’ Christmas Bingo!

Christmas is nearly here, and with it comes parties, presents and office awkwardness. Tick off as many as you can from our Traders’ Xmas bingo before you head off for the break…

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 10th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 10th

Morning Report: Volatility Returns As Risk Is Pared

USDJPY remains under pressure, consolidating around 119 after yesterday’s sharp drop to the 118 handle on risk aversion as global equities were pressured by the sell-off in China and Greece

Introducing: Littlefish FX Trade Ideas Forum

Anyone who has bought our course or any of our indicators will get access to our brand new LFX Forums. Along with an FAQs and Feedback forum, the main attraction will be our Trade Ideas Forum, featuring input from all of our FX traders detailing their key daily trades…

NinjaTrader Lifetime License Promotion

Find out how to get your discounted NinjaTrader Lifetime License.

Littlefish Loves: The Nutshell

Sometimes, it all gets a bit much and you need a break – and that’s where the Nutshell comes in.

Morning Report: Mood Change On Global Growth Concerns

There has been a mood change in the market since Friday. The positive response to the robust US nonfarm payroll data has been replaced by caution. This mood change is evidenced by the 20%-plus rise in the VIX index since Fridays close.

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 9th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 9th

Weekly COT Analysis: USD Supported But EUR Shorts Pared

Data in this report cover up to Tuesday Dec 2 & were released Friday Dec 5, encompassing the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday but not the ECB or Nonfarm Payrolls. Sentiment is USD bullish. Traders maintained their large $49bn net position, holding the USD long against every currency. Week over week changes were minor – potentially reflecting the impact of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Trader Tech Christmas Wish List

Still not sure what to ask for for Christmas? You won’t be short of ideas after taking a look at our top picks of trading technology, from waterproof tablets for poolside chart-checking to a portable extra monitor and on-the-go chargers and internet hotspots to make sure you’re always ready to trade.

The LFX Christmas Gift Guide: Secret Santa Special

Stuck on what to buy for your Secret Santa gift? We’ve got the best 20 gifts for £20 and under, from gadgets and christmas tipples to elf onesies…

Morning Report: USD Supported By Robust NFP’s

USDJPY printed new highs of 121.85 in the early part of the Asian session ahead of Q3 GDP release which was revised lower to -0.5% qoq, down from prior estimate of -0.4% qoq and compared to expectation of 0.1% qoq

Video: Daily Forex Technical Update 8th December

CEO Sam Barry runs through a daily technical trading update of the Forex market, December 8th

The Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

USD continues to see strength as data outperforms, and central banks elsewhere ease further. At the moment, we believe USD can strengthen even without the support of yields, as the US remains a relative growth outperformer, illustrated by the recent upward revision in GDP and robust labour data released Friday

The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This Week Ahead is all about the latest trading gadgets, surviving the festive season, International Mountain Day and the world’s best ski resorts.

A quick guide to: Psych Indicator

What is the Psych Indicator? What does this indicator do? When should you use it? All of your questions answered about our Psych Indicator…

$EURUSD (Daily)  18_04_2014 - 19_11_2014

Video: A Quick Intro to Order Flow Trading

Want to learn about the trading techniques used here at Littlefish FX? Then watch CEO Sam Barry take you through a brief intro to Order Flow Trading…

Myth Busting – RSI Indicator

What I am going to show you today is the old RSI Indicator and the ever popular Oversold and Overbought strategy and their probabilities on daily timeframes using default periods. The strategy we will test is whether on a 14 Period RSI we will take a long trade (buy) if we get an Oversold signal, and a short trade (sell) if we get an Overbought signal…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

This week in Five Lessons Learnt (our round-up of all the important lessons the week has taught us), we’ve learnt how technology could take over the world, why you should fake it ’till you make it, not to drink too much water and exactly what our choice of wheels says about us…

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s round up of viral videos, watch how not to remove a moustache, a crazy manoeuvre by a truck driver and a mash up of all the year’s best songs…

Littlefish Legends: #2 Ray Dalio

This month, we’ve picked the owner of the largest (and often described as the weirdest) hedge fund in the world – a man who built his empire from his apartment, came up with some of the most innovative investment strategies to date and predicted the global financial crisis. Let us introduce our second Littlefish Legend… Ray Dalio.

Littlefish Loves: The Brick

The product that’s got us all talking this week is Binatone’s aptly named ‘Brick': the anti-smartphone.

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 2

In the second article on his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different models used at Littlefish FX, including strategy (engine), risk and cost models…


WIN! £50 worth of laundry/dry cleaning from I Hate Ironing

We’re giving one lucky iron-dodger the chance to win a £50 voucher, redeemable against I Hate Ironing’s laundry and dry-cleaning collection and delivery services.

Basic Quantitative Systems – for Everyone. Littlefish FX & NinjaTrader Webinar

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry hosted a webinar over on NinjaTrader recently, discussing some of the most basic quantitative systems we use at Littlefish FX to trade millions every day, and how you can use some of these techniques yourself…


The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

In The Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle we’re buying our Secret Santa prezzies, reading about trading legends and definitely not ironing…

Tying Up Profits From Support, Resistance, Trend & the Psych Indicator

So let’s wrap up November’s education with a review of the key takeaways from our sessions this month. And a look ahead to next month’s education theme.

Tailor your Fish Feed email subscription

If you’ve subscribed to our weekly Fish Feed emails, we want to make sure you’re only receiving the emails you want: so make sure you’ve tailored your subscription to whatever it is you’re after in Forex…

Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Trader Lifestyle affiliates and the great offers and deals we have available for Littlefish FX readers. Cornerstone Cornerstone are the shaving subscription service that deliver everything you need for a smooth, comfortable shave direct to your door whenever you need it. Find out why we love […]


Trend: Friend or Foe…

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage: “the trend is your friend” right? Well, statistically it is, however traders often struggle to define the correct trend in play, and it is this struggle that leads less experienced traders to feel like the search for trend makes it more a foe than friend. So let’s address this challenge and work towards a more trader friendly approach to trends…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 1

Over the past few years Quants have had a lot of attention and primarily, in my opinion, bad press. I have no intention of setting the record straight (it’s honestly the only time in my life I could consider myself anything close to a bad boy so I’m taking it…). However, what I thought I would do is give you a bit of insight into what we do in the bowl to unlock a little bit of the mystery around Quants and these “evil” algorithms…

Stock Market Chart on Blue Background

Beat the news junkies: use order flow

With the markets ever increasingly becoming news junkies it’s becoming more and more interesting to see that trend following seems to be back in fashion. The concept is almost counter intuitive, news junkie surely results in violent breakouts and reversals…

Book Club

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here. Don’t have time to get through them all? Download […]

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37

Retail investors’ portal iNVEZZ launches crowd funding campaign

Our friends over at iNVEZZ – the comparison and review investment portal – have launched a campaign on crowd funding site Crowdcube. The innovative online company is raising investment capital for the development of unique new features, and you can meet and grill the co-founders at their live London pitch on July 30th…

The key remains to follow the flow

John Plender wrote an interesting and short piece in the FT last week, and I suggest you read it…

Buy: Indicators, Courses & Strategies

Our Littlefish FX Trading tools – available to download instantly – include Add-ons, Indicators, Strategies and Courses.


RTAS System Insight Part 4: Rebaselining & Conclusion

The fourth and concluding part in our series of articles by CEO Sam Barry talking about the RTAS System and addressing some of the most common questions and feedback from inquisitive Littlefish FX readers…


Bespoke Forex Trading Systems

A COMPLETE TRADING SYSTEM IN A BOX Attention all prop, managed account, hedge fund and fund businesses – here at Littlefish FX we are offering bespoke black box development based on our patented in-house order book systems. A full trading system – unique to you Based on underlying order flow techniques as used in our […]


RTAS System Insight Part 3: Creating our Portfolio

Now lets consider where the difference lie between systems. A good example may be that a fund or Hedgefund is looking for 25% to 30% returns per annum, 1:5 leverage with ultra low drawdowns, but is not concerned with number of open trades and allows hedging structures…

RTAS System Insight Part 2: Strategy building

Once we have the idea, the concept then turned to how do we build component based systems so that we can either produce long dated consistent systems or manipulate components for certain conditions or system specifications…

RTAS System Insight Part 1: Order Flow

To start with, I’d like give you all a bit of insight into how we build systems and therefore a little insight into the RTAS system as it finalises its rebaselining…

March Review

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry shares his month-end thoughts on trading in March…

Littlefish Shark School

Want a trading job at Littlefish FX? Do you have what it takes to become a trading shark? We are looking for our next generation of traders. Familiar with the “turtle trading” concept of several years ago? Well let us introduce to you the Littlefish FX trading concept. We are looking for people to outperform […]


Alternative Investments

We have teamed up with a number of partners to offer alternative options to investing in our FX systems, providing several options and price points depending on what you’re looking for from your investment. As opposed to our signals service, this means that we only earn when we make you money, (although we will earn […]

Buffett on Investing

“If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays.” Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway holders is definitely worth a read. Short on time? Fear not, we’ve pulled out the best lines here…


The 7 big questions about Alternative Investments

In the current market, the search for a decent return is driving more people to consider alternative investments. One attractive option is the Foreign Exchange managed account. To help you understand why, here we explore some of the key considerations with our 7 big questions about Alternative Investments…

Order Book Insight

As we have had a fair few questions recently on the choppy markets and order book trading, I thought it might be nice to provide a little more insight into the current market conditions…

February Review

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry shares his thoughts on trading in February, and looks ahead to what March may bring…

January Review

In the first of his monthly review letters of 2014, Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry gives his views on trading in January…

LFX Infographic: January 2014

January is over so it’s time to check out our monthly infographic, featuring our Systems Performance results from the first month of 2014 plus the best facts and stats from around the world in January….

Systems Performance

Here at Littlefish FX, we spend a lot of time designing systems for others to use. See below for links to the current systems we are operating, designed and/or built for ourselves and for others. All of these systems are based on the same underlying order book components with various limitations or structures as per […]


Forex Trading Courses

Attention class! Launching very soon are our full selection of Forex courses, including: Getting Started with Forex, Order Book Systems, COT Report, Intraday Breakout Strategy and plenty more. All courses are free to all members (of course!) and we’ll send you an email when they become available. Click for more info…