The Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: April 27th- May 1st

GBP: GDP Tuesday
EUR: German CPI Wednesday, German Unemp Thursday, Eurozone CPI
USD: Consumer Confidence Tuesday, GDP Wednesday, FOMC Rate Decision, Personal Consumption Expenditure Thursday, ISM Manufacturing Friday
NZD: RBNZ Rate Decision Wednesday
JPY: CPI Friday
CAD: GDP Thursday

The Forex Week In Review

A whipsaw week for EURUSD traders, with continued concerns regarding a Greek debt deal we have witnessed YoYo price action in the single currency predominately driven by back and fourth public claims and counter claims by various parties to the dealings, however, yeaterday saw German Chancellor issue strong support for Greece which has promoted a push higher in the Euro, but players have been quick to lighten up ahead of the weekend as most are reluctant to take to much risk home over the weekend concerned by the potential for gruesome weekend gaps.

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Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s best viral videos – a day in the office GoPro style, a volcano eruption, the Jurassic World trailer and a black belt in card tricks…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, we’ve learned who’s going to win the UK election (according to pigs), exactly what the time is, how a skiing accident can make you a genius and why shooting your computer won’t make it co-operate…

Morning Report: Positions Pared Ahead Of Headline Risk

For now we basically remain in the 1.0650­1.0860 medium term range with thin whippy trading conditions in between. Investor nerves appear slightly less frayed with regards the Greek debt drama as we move into this weekend’s European Finance ministers meeting but we have to continue to focus on the wires for developments which will determine short term price sentiment. Caution on any technical break and close above 1.0880.

Taking A Look At AUDUSD

With the prospect of a Fed lift-off having moved ever so slightly out of the limelight now given the recent spate of soft US econ data, I thought this would be a good opportunity to take a look at some opportunities created in the wake of this USD unwind. The Aussie Dollar has come into … Continue reading Taking A Look At AUDUSD

Top 10 Cool New Startups You Need to Know About

From Google glass for your car to wines designed exclusively for you and the sunglasses that look great and do good, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest new startups you need to know about…

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 14.47.21

Morning Report: USD Up, Wires Watched For Greek Tape Bombs

EURUSD remains relatively heavy over the course of teh Asian session when factoring in the move by SNB yesterday to expand number of groups subject to negative rates and the NZD weakness on back of RBNZ McDermott’s speech which have lead to general correlated USD strength against the EUR

Littlefish Loves: DuoScreen

DuoScreen is the portable second screen you can take with you, giving you an extra monitor wherever you are.

Morning Report: Ranges Rule As Headline Risk Persists

Interbank reports suggest participation in EUURSD trading has thinned as participants remain on alert regarding Greek headline risk.

RSI With Order Flow Trader

A look at a fantastic trading method using RSI in conjunction with Order Flow Trader and some basic market structure analysis to create brilliant trading opportunities with ease…

Video: RSI With Order Flow Trader

In this video we take a look at how you can use the classic RSI indicator with our very own Order Flow Trader indicator to develop really profitable trading ideas at key support and resistance levels.

We show you how to identify these levels and how you can use some multi-time frame analysis with OFT to gain premium entries to fantastic trades.

6 ways to make your trading day healthier

Simple ways to make your trading day a little bit healthier – from comfortable chairs and getting enough sleep to always making time for ice cream.

Support & Resistance Trading Using Order Flow: Littlefish FX & NinjaTrader webinar

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry and FX Analyst James Harte hosted a Forex webinar for NinjaTrader recently, discussing Support & Resistance Trading Using Order Flow. Watch it here…


Morning Report: USD Bid As Another Greek Deadline Looms

A combination of the recent reduction in rate divergence and the ever looming tape bomb potential from the Greece debt repayment scenario appear to have left a number of intraday players jittery and reluctant to express any meaningful views in the market.

Weekly COT Analysis: USD Longs Pared

CFTC COT Data: USD aggregated net long positions decreased 1.5% to $39.2bln as traders reduced long USD bullish bets as a dovish FED and weaker economic data weigh on rate move expectations
EUR net spec shorts decreased from 215,258 to 212,347 contracts this week a decrease of 2.8%.
JPY short positioning decreased 5%.
AUD net shorts increased a further 5% from last week’s 66% jump as positions are adjusted into this week’s RBA minutes release

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Morning Report: China RRR Cut Supports AUD In Quiet Trading

Benefiting from the USD weakness, the EUR has had its best week in a month despite growing concerns on Greece’s debt crisis. The European Central Bank is concerned if Greece runs out of money and starts paying civil servants with IOU’s, creating a virtual second currency in euro zone…

The Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: April 20th – 25th

NZD: CPI, Sunday Night
EUR: German ZEW, Tuesday
AUD: CPI, Wednesday
USD: Durable Goods, Friday

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week we’re checking out the latest cool startups to watch, making our trading days healthier and, as ever, keeping you updated with news, viral videos and everything else that’s going on away from the charts.

The Forex Week In Review

An important week in Forex markets, with the majority of this week’s action was driven by the USD unwind as we saw weaker data yet again. Elsewhere, Mario Draghi reaffirmed the ECB’s commitment to fully delivering it’s QE program through September 2016 and a less dovish BoC buoyed the Canadian currency. With the G10 space split between carry demand USD/G10 positioning and risk on/risk off we have seen most pairs simply rotating within their month long ranges whilst USDCAD bucked the trend and broke free to the downside

5 Things You Need To Know When Reading Charts

It can be utterly baffling for many new traders looking at a price chart for the first time, resembling some sort of archaic video game, but given the proper tools and with enough time spent learning them, new traders can quickly develop a neat process for accessing their charts and scouting potential opportunities using some nifty technical know-how…

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s best viral videos there are guards who can’t stay upright, rockets landing in the middle of the sea, embarrassing ringtones, unfortunate haircuts and a great example of why it’s never over until it’s over…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In Five Lessons Learnt This Week, find out how to become a pro chef overnight, how to avoid getting lost ever again, how you could have been making millions as an 8-year-old and why you should never try to eat eight burgers in one go…

Back to the Future

Imagine a scenario where a concept you dreamt up nine years ago finally becomes a reality? That’s the remarkable situation I find myself in now, as here at LFX we begin to implement a design and concept I built when I first started this project many moons ago…


Morning Report: USD Correction Continues

Participants appear be taking a step back following an extremely volatile day yesterday which resulted in the EURUSD rallying from a 1.0626 low to a 1.0818 high. Tricky to determine direction from here as we remain in the middle of range and would expect players to await the key US CPI data event later in the day as the catalyst for fresh USD sentiment into the early part of next week. For now look towards 1.0820 for initial topside resistance with a move back through 1.0680/90 required to provide additional downside momentum with 1.0620 now key support.

The 5 Trading Rules You Need To Know

From our Littlefish FX trading mantras to words of wisdom from some of the biggest trading successes, here are the 5 Rules You Need To Know if you want to be a profitable trader…

Morning Report: ECB Hold The Line, EUR Pops & Drops

The ECB left interest rates unchanged at record low, widely inline with the markets. EURUSD hit1.0570 low during Asian time but the pair bounced back to 1.0740’s on soft US industrial data as the trend of sub par US data continues to hamper USD gains. ECB Draghi said that the speculation of the fledging 60 billion-euro-a-month scheme would be scaled back was “surprising”, and QE would last until September 2016 or until inflation was back up to target.

Video: Triple Threat Trading With COT, Order Flow & Pin Bar

In this video we take a look at one my favourite strategies which is the triple threat system, using our Order Flow Trader, COT & Pin Bar Detector indicators to generate powerful signals for entering the markets…


Given that there isn’t really any justification for new policy announcements currently, the markets sensitivity to ECB meetings is expected to remain low and today’s meeting isn’t expected to deliver and shock or suprise.

Top 10 Ways to Take a Break from Trading

As all traders will know – sometimes, trading can take over your life. And overworking and getting burned out will not help your trading strategy. In fact, it will probably hurt it. So heed this warning and make time for a break from the charts – here are our top 10 ways to take a break from trading to give you some ideas…

Littlefish Loves: The McLaren 570S

Another new car release for this week’s Littlefish Loves: this time, it’s the McLaren 570S.

Morning Report: Markets Await Mario

Another calm Asian session for the pair following a volatile New York session as weaker than expected US data provided the catalyst for a sharp USD sell off resulting in a high of 1.0704 on the day .Would expect markets to remain quiet as we await ECB later today with players continuing to favour bearish views especially after last night’s positional clear out as we could retest the yearly 1.0460 lows again

Top four candlestick patterns to look out for

When it comes to trading candlestick charts, you’ve no doubt got your own favourites, but it’s always healthy to get another opinion. Right? Good. Here then, are our top four candlestick patterns to keep an eye out for on your chart…

A Simple Trick to Help You Win Candlestick Patterns

As a lot of you know, my team and I focus a lot on volume profiling and order books. Recently we gave a bit of an intro to these, but I know it wasn’t massively in depth and, in fact, not super easy either. So today I’m going to simplify it right down to a simple trick for you to use. Obviously this is only one part of the big picture, but it’s a start…

Coolest Travel Gadgets for Traders

Whether you’re jetting off on your jolly holidays or your diary is bursting with business trips, we’ve scouted out all the essential travel gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without.

Morning Report: Small Reprieve For GBP As Polls Show Tory Lead

GBPUSD rebounded from the five-year lows and hit 1.4681 high before closed at 1.4670, the UK March CPI due today will be the main event for GBP. GBP found support from an opinion poll showed that the ruling Conservative Party pulling ahead of the opposition Labour Party before UK 7 May general election,

Morning Report: AUD Under Pressure As China Data Disappoints

Commodity currencies have come under pressure this morning in following on from the Asian session. The move started on the back of the China Trade Data. Exports dropped 15% YoY with imports also falling 12.7% YoY. The surplus shrank from 60bln to 3bln in March.

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week, we’re stocking up on the best travel gadgets ahead of the holiday season, remembering some of the best trading advice we’ve ever heard and keeping up with what’s going on away from the charts. Read on to get involved…

The Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: April 13th – 17th
◾GBP: CPI Tuesday
◾USD: Retail Sales Tuesday, CPI, Univ of Michigan Friday
◾AUD: Unemployment Rate Thursday
◾EUR: ECB Rate Decision Wednesday

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The Forex Week In Review

The FOMC minutes release was the key focal point of the week and with its perceived Hawkishness strongly received, we saw USD soaring once more. EUR was crushed on carry trade demand and investor outflows and GBP too printed 58 month lows against the USD as election uncertainty weighed. JPY was supported on repatriation flows so too was the AUD as the hunt for yield made it a firm favourite for the week whilst CAD benefitted somewhat from the rebound in oil prices.

5 Forex News Events You Need To Know

In the fast moving world of currency markets where huge moves can seemingly come from nowhere, it is extremely important for new traders to learn about the various economic indicators and news releases that shape the markets. Indeed, quickly getting a handle on which data to look out for, what it means, and how to trade it can see new traders quickly become far more profitable and sets up the road to long term success…

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s round-up of the best viral videos: an angry husky, an epic best man’s speech, 100 Rubik’s cubes, a human-powered theme park and emails in real life…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt – free pints, all expenses-paid weddings, surprise meetings with Obama, Facebook divorces and colander hats…

Morning Report: USD Bulls Back In The Drivers Seat

EURUSD downtrend resumes due to the dollar strength and concerns in Greece, the pair fell from 1.0787 high to 1.0636 low. IMF managing Director Christine Lagarde confirmed that the Greece had made its 450mln repayment that was scheduled for Thursday.

Video: Post FOMC Opportunities

In this video we digest the recent March 18th FOMC meeting and subsequent minutes released last night, considering market reactions and what we can expect next and where we can position to take advantage of available opportunities .


Video: Order Flow Trader With COT Indicator

In this video we take a look at how you can trade in line with Banks and major institutions by combining our Order Flow Trader and COT indicators…

Top 5 Trader Toys We Wish We Owned

From the latest cars and most incredible traders’ houses to super yachts and private jets, here are the top 5 trader toys we wish we owned…

Triple Threat Trading With COT, Order Flow & Pin Bar

As we know, combining the Littlefish FX trading tools can be a sure-fire method for enhancing trading returns. So this week, in response to some questions we have been receiving about some of our most powerful tools, we are going to walk through some examples of how combining the tools to add levels of confirmation and filter can be deliver fantastic results

2015-03-31 16_35_47-

Littlefish Loves: Spyker Cars

Spyker Cars are back with a bang: “For the tenacious, no road is impassable”.

LFX Guide to: London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car Show

The LFX Guide to the inaugural London Yacht Jet and Prestige Car Show, the new exhibition promising to give London’s elite “luxury without limits”.

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Six Trading Strategies You Need To Try

With such a vast selection of varying calibre strategies all over the internet, new traders can find themselves wasting precious trading time flip-flopping between different strategies all yielding the same disappointing results. So to help you, we have outlined six of our favourite, most effective trading strategies…


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Video: Trading the NFP (Non-farm Payroll)

Preparing for the NFP number this week? Here’s a short video tutorial from Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry on how best to trade non-farm payrolls…

A quick guide to: COT Implied Positions Indicator

Here we take a look at our fantastic COT Implied Positions Indicator which is available as an add-on to our COT Indicator.

Video: Using Order Flow Trader With Chart Patterns

In this video, Forex Analyst James Harte discusses how to combine our Order Flow Trader indicator with some of the chart patterns taught in our Forex Mastercourse, for maximum trading profits…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 1

Over the past few years Quants have had a lot of attention and primarily, in my opinion, bad press. I have no intention of setting the record straight (it’s honestly the only time in my life I could consider myself anything close to a bad boy so I’m taking it…). However, what I thought I would do is give you a bit of insight into what we do in the bowl to unlock a little bit of the mystery around Quants and these “evil” algorithms…

Stock Market Chart on Blue Background

Greece has the strongest hand

On Thursday, the Greek finance minister tweeted out an opinion piece. It’s quite a brave move from a political figure, and an interesting one. If this was a game of poker, I’d definitely want Greece’s hand right now as opposed to any other European Country or the ECB…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 5

In his final part from his series on building quant models, CEO Sam Barry discusses measuring performance…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 4

Following on from my last article on the types of trading strategies we can really use in quant systems, I want to talk to you about building them – and then managing risk…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 3

In the third part of his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different types of quant trading strategies used here at Littlefish FX…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 2

In the second article on his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different models used at Littlefish FX, including strategy (engine), risk and cost models…


Letter from the CEO: 2014 in review

As we wind down for Christmas I thought it would be nice once again to do an open letter to all of you, reviewing our year here at Littlefish as well as the trading year, and looking forward to next year…


Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Trader Lifestyle affiliates and the great offers and deals we have available for Littlefish FX readers. Instacart Instacart is a grocery delivery service that’ll get your food delivered to you in as little as an hour – their fastest delivery to date took just 12 minutes! … Continue reading Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory


Beat the news junkies: use order flow

With the markets ever increasingly becoming news junkies it’s becoming more and more interesting to see that trend following seems to be back in fashion. The concept is almost counter intuitive, news junkie surely results in violent breakouts and reversals…

Book Club

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here. Don’t have time to get through them all? Download … Continue reading Book Club

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37

Retail investors’ portal iNVEZZ launches crowd funding campaign

Our friends over at iNVEZZ – the comparison and review investment portal – have launched a campaign on crowd funding site Crowdcube. The innovative online company is raising investment capital for the development of unique new features, and you can meet and grill the co-founders at their live London pitch on July 30th…

The key remains to follow the flow

John Plender wrote an interesting and short piece in the FT last week, and I suggest you read it…

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RTAS System Insight Part 4: Rebaselining & Conclusion

The fourth and concluding part in our series of articles by CEO Sam Barry talking about the RTAS System and addressing some of the most common questions and feedback from inquisitive Littlefish FX readers…


Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting

Bespoke Forex Trading Systems – jump to Bespoke Forex Indicators – jump to NinjaTrader/MT4 Signal Hosting Attention all prop, managed account, hedge fund and fund businesses – here at Littlefish FX we are offering bespoke black box development based on our patented in-house order book systems. A full trading system – unique to you Based … Continue reading Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting


RTAS System Insight Part 3: Creating our Portfolio

Now lets consider where the difference lie between systems. A good example may be that a fund or Hedgefund is looking for 25% to 30% returns per annum, 1:5 leverage with ultra low drawdowns, but is not concerned with number of open trades and allows hedging structures…

RTAS System Insight Part 2: Strategy building

Once we have the idea, the concept then turned to how do we build component based systems so that we can either produce long dated consistent systems or manipulate components for certain conditions or system specifications…

RTAS System Insight Part 1: Order Flow

To start with, I’d like give you all a bit of insight into how we build systems and therefore a little insight into the RTAS system as it finalises its rebaselining…

Littlefish Shark School

Want a trading job at Littlefish FX? Do you have what it takes to become a trading shark? We are looking for our next generation of traders. Familiar with the “turtle trading” concept of several years ago? Well let us introduce to you the Littlefish FX trading concept. We are looking for people to outperform … Continue reading Littlefish Shark School


Alternative Investments

At Littlefish FX, along with providing forex trading education and analysis, we also design and build cutting edge trading systems for prop, managed account and hedge fund businesses. We are often inundated with requests to open these systems out to retail traders, and such is our company ethos that we fully intend on doing so … Continue reading Alternative Investments

Buffett on Investing

“If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays.” Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire Hathaway holders is definitely worth a read. Short on time? Fear not, we’ve pulled out the best lines here…


The 7 big questions about Alternative Investments

In the current market, the search for a decent return is driving more people to consider alternative investments. One attractive option is the Foreign Exchange managed account. To help you understand why, here we explore some of the key considerations with our 7 big questions about Alternative Investments…

Order Book Insight

As we have had a fair few questions recently on the choppy markets and order book trading, I thought it might be nice to provide a little more insight into the current market conditions…

Forex Trading Courses

Attention class! Launching very soon are our full selection of Forex courses, including: Getting Started with Forex, Order Book Systems, COT Report, Intraday Breakout Strategy and plenty more. All courses are free to all members (of course!) and we’ll send you an email when they become available. Click for more info…