Trend Line Analysis : 05/08/2015

We can expect a volatile day today with the release of ADP Non Farm Employment Change later in the North American session along with some heavy hitting data from NZD and GBP earlier in the day.

A Quick Guide To: Non Farm Payroll Data

The figure is hotly anticipated by traders each month as the figure is seen as key to gauging Fed monetary policy and therefore US Dollar strength. As America is the World’s largest economy and the US Dollar is the global reserve currency the monthly release of the NFP is a focal point of all market participants from independent speculators right through to Investment Banks, Multinational corporations and Central Banks. This

Mastering the Engulfing Candlestick Pattern

Candlesticks are a trader’s bread and butter and so it’s a good idea to learn how to spot the key patterns – just like the Engulfing candlestick, which we discuss here in our latest Learn with Littlefish article…

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Morning Report: Sideways In Summer Ranges

EURUSD has traded largely sideways at 1.0980 sideways after dropping to an intraday low of 1.0940 on upbeat US PCE price index data. Eurozone PMI was slightly revised down from 52.5 to 52.4, but there was no impact on the euro. EUR vulnerable but unlikely to break too low pre-Friday US jobs data.

DecaPip Daily: 04/08/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 04/08/2015…

Trend Line Analysis : 04/08/2015

We have focus on few majors crosses for the day; with AUD and GBP likely to make noise for heavy sets of data is in store for the AUD in the ASIA and later GBP will react to it’s Construction PMI.

Weekly COT Report: USD Longs Paired Back

C.F.T.C COT Data USD aggregated net long positions decrease o.5% to 30.7Bln EUR net spec shorts decreases 6.9% to 14.4Bln JPY short positioning increases 2.2% to 6.4Bln AUD net shorts increases 23% to 3.7Bln EURUSD Outlook – Bullish  Momentum ticks higher Strength ticks up, though still negative Index ticks higher Order Flow Trader bearish GBPUSD … Continue reading Weekly COT Report: USD Longs Paired Back

Video: Trading the NFP (Non-farm Payroll)

Preparing for the NFP number this week? Here’s a short video tutorial from Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry on how best to trade non-farm payrolls…

Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 12.25.15

Morning Report: Ranges Defined Ahead Of This Week’s NFP Release

EURUSD rose to an intra-day high of 1.1114 (Friday) on better than expected July core CPI amid broad USD weakness but reversed fortunes to close 1.0984. EUR was last at 1.0976 levels this morning. Expect EUR to consolidate in the range of 1.0860 – 1.1060 until it breaks out of this consolidation phase.

03/08/2015 : Trend Line Analysis

Last week big news event was the FOMC; where markets felt disappointed on no change on the interest rates but stays optimistic on rate hike to come giving boost to the USD; which prior to the FOMC statement felt hard past 2 days of trading.

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week in Trader Lifestyle is all about cycling holidays, life-changing startups, must-have gadgets and everything that’s going on away from the charts.

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: August 3rd – 7th

USD: PCE, ISM Manufacturing – Monday, ISM Non-Manufacturing – Wednesday, Unemployment Rate & Non-Farm Payrolls – Friday
GBP: BOE Rate Decision & Inflation Report – Thursday
AUD: RBA Rate Decision – Tuesday, Employment Change & Unemployment Rate – Thursday
NZD: Employment Change & Employment Rate – Tuesday
CAD: Unemployment Rate & Net Change in Employment – Friday

Video: NFP Trade Setups

Ahead of this week’s NFP data release, trader Tahir Khan shares with us his thoughts on a safer approach to markets for volatile news event such as Non-Farm Payrolls…

DecaPip Weekly 02/08/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Weekly: Weekly outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 02/08//2015…

The Forex Month Ahead: August 2015

Looking ahead in August at the foreign exchange market we can see that this will be one of the most important months for traders as they position themselves ahead of time for the much anticipated interest rate decision from the Federal Reserve and the speech from chairwomen Janet Yellen at the September meeting.

The Forex Week In Review

The tone of this week was one of anticipation going into the FOMC and then ultimately one of mild disappointment following the meeting. The Fed appeased USD bulls just enough by reiterating that a September rate hike remains a possibility but ultimately the picture was no clearer than it was last time around. As ever, the move will be data dependant and next Friday’s Jobs report will be key focus and likely determine USD direction for August.

Viral Videos of the Week

In this week’s best Viral Videos, watch a robot cook breakfast, a strongman solve the problem of inconsiderate parking, and the new Google Maps Easter Egg that will let you revert to childhood…

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

In this week’s Five Lessons Learnt, find out why sarcasm makes you cleverer (phew…), why Ribena has been banned and why Ibiza have declared a war on MTV…

Morning Report: Month End Flows

According to Interbank reports month end flows and the rebalancing of FX hedges at month-end are expected to lead to moderate amounts of USD selling.

DecaPip Daily: 31/07/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 31/07/2015…

Trend Line Analysis : 31/07/2015

There is a lot to be digested from roar back on the USD after looking toothless 2 days prior to the FOMC and forcing EURO under 1.1000 handle Post FOMC and to printing new highs on the Swiss Franc. The GBP however managed to hold it’s ground on the back ground of possible rate hikes to be seen in 2016.

Developing Hedge Fund Systems Using NinjaTrader: Webinar Part 3

In the final section of his three-part series on automated trading strategies, Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry progresses from discussing the pitfalls of curve-fitted systems and the impact of slippage and volume, to talking about what you must consider when designing a system for yourself, vs designing it for others. He also touches upon how to go about proving your concepts work…


Morning Report: FOMC Set Up September Nail Biter

Much awaited FOMC was largely a non-event. Statement was largely balanced. It noted improvements in labour market – “solid” job gains, declining unemployment, “diminished” labour market slack but partially countered the hawkish take on labour market with inflation, which remains below the FOMC’s longer term objective of 2%, partly attributing this to falling energy prices. strong majority of economists/dealers see September move while futures market prices only 36% chance; sets up September meeting as a nail-biter.

Littlefish Legends: #5 Ben Horowitz

Welcome to the fifth instalment in our new series lauding the brightest minds, greatest achievers and biggest inspirations in the worlds of trading, finance and business. Each month we’ll bring you a true Littlefish hero – someone whose individual achievements and successes have inspired us here at LFX HQ to do what we do.

DecaPipDaily: 30/07/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 30/07/2015…

Trend Line Analysis : 30/07/2015

Today was quite dramatic with FOMC came and gone which ended with upbeat USDOLLAR. Though we didn’t have the rate hike announced today; it is soon to come and that has given USDOLLAR the lift considering the fallout on it for the past 2 days of tradin

Thoughts On The FOMC

The Fed will announce the decision of it’s July FOMC meeting this evening accompanied by a statement on the decision though no scheduled press conference from Fed Chair Yellen. With trading volumes reduced into the summer month’s, the details of today’s statement will likely set the tone for USD trading between now and the September meeting and as such, will be keenly scrutinized by trades.

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Video: GBPUSD Order Flow Trader With Multi-Timeframe Analysis

In this video LFX Analyst James Harte takes a look GBPUSD and how you can create really profitable trading opportunities using a multi-timeframe approach to the Order Flow Trader signals.
A great step by step look at exactly how you can trade this method with entry ideas, stop placement and trade management showing you how you can build longer term positions from low risk entry points.

Morning Report: Markets Muted Ahead OF FOMC

FOMC statement is key today and market will be looking for Fed clarity on a September rate hike expect some choppy price action as players pare positions into the risk event.

DecaPip Daily 29/07/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 29/07/2015…

Trend Line Analysis: 29/07/2015

The main theme for tomorrow obviously will be the FOMC statement and while we expect nothing new beside rate hikes to come; traders would be more interested to find out if there would be series of rate hikes expected till the end of this year.

Video: AUDUSD – Order Flow Trader & COT.

In this video we take a look at the recent moves in AUDUSD showing you just how effective our COT and Order Flow Trader indicators can be in assessing price action and identifying trading opportunities.

What Is Currency Speculation?

Currency speculation is merely the act of buying or selling a currency with a view to profiting from a desired fluctuation in that currency. This act is clearly distinct from buying or selling a currency for practical purposes as is typical for people holidaying abroad who need to sell their domestic currency to buy the foreign currency of the country they are visiting or indeed for a business who might, for example, be exporting goods to a foreign country and so receive payment in a foreign currency and must therefore sell the foreign currency to buy back domestic currency.

Coolest Travel Gadgets for Traders

Whether you’re jetting off on your jolly holidays or your diary is bursting with business trips, we’ve scouted out all the essential travel gadgets you shouldn’t leave home without.

Morning Report: USD Remains Pressured On Positioning Ahead Of FOMC

The USD remained generally bearish overnight after poor equities performance led by China as shares plunge resulting in continued unwinding of EUR ­funded carry trades with EURUSD and euro crosses higher given the risk ­off sentiment.

Trend Line Analysis : 28/07/2015

GBP crosses have lined up in such way that they can use some retraces to let go of Over-Bought conditions before surging for newer highs. With this view; I will be looking to track some optimum spots on it’s crosses to go short. Later on if we do see the drop coming in; I intend to try longs for newer highs.

DecaPip Daily: 28/07/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 28/07/2015…

Weekly COT Report: USD Longs over $30Bln

C.F.T.C COT Data

USD aggregated net long positions increase 7.7% to 30.8Bln
EUR net spec shorts increase 4.1% to 15.4Bln
JPY short positioning increases 31% to 6.2Bln
AUD net shorts increase 21% to 3Bln

Morning Report: EUR Bid As Positions Pared Ahead Of FOMC

US short rates down on release of leaked Fed research doc; staff less optimistic about prospects for economy than the policymakers; see inflation below 2% until at least 2020; September rate hike move priced at 40% chance.

Trend Line Analysis – 27/07/2015

The whole idea of Trend Line Analysis is to capture the Price Action over the naked charts and find the most optimum zones for buy or sell. The trend line analysis done on the candle stick charts simply light the path for the price to travel.

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

This week in Trader Lifestyle, we’ll be prepping you for your travels with the best on-the-go trading gadgets, giving you the lowdown on a business hero in the latest instalment of Littlefish Legends and keeping up with the latest news and viral videos away from the charts.

Week Ahead: Trading Outlook

Key Events This Week: July 27th – 31st

USD: Durable Goods – Monday, Consumer Confidence – Tuesday, FOMC Rate Decision – Wednesday, GDP Thursday
EUR: German Unemployment Change & Rate, German CPI – Thursday, EuroZone CPI – Friday
GBP: GDP – Tuesday
JPY: CPI – Thursday
CAD: GDP – Friday

DecaPip Weekly: 27/07/2015

The Littlefish FX DecaPip Daily: Intraday outlook highlighting Resistance and Support levels in the Forex market for 27/07/2015…

Trend Line Analysis : 24/07/2015 – GBPCAD UPDATE

This is an update in reference to earlier posted analysis on GBPCAD. We are refraining to enter shorts at this time and intend to grab them in coming week preferably to mid 2.03XX.
The long trade off 2.016X hold worked out well and hit listed target.

The Forex Week In Review

Ultimately a week of rotation in Forex markets as most majors stayed within recent ranges as EURUSD bounced off the May low and USDJPY retreated from the June high, with GBPUSD selling off on weaker domestic data. USDCAD & AUDUSD were the exceptions as both the CAD & AUD weakened significantly with players positioning for USD length in these pairs.

Video: Support And Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels form part of the cornerstone of technical analysis. The basic idea with support and resistance is that we are looking to identify areas where price is likely to stall and possibly bounce (support levels) and areas where price is likely to stall and fall back from (resistance levels). Necessarily, support levels are identified as levels below current market price and resistance levels are levels sitting above current market price.

In this video we explore what creates support & resistance levels and demonstrate just how to identify them and why they are so important.

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This week in Five Lessons Learnt, find out how Google Street View could land you in hot water, how a Minion could save your life and why a seagull stealing your sandwich isn’t a police matter…

Viral Videos of the Week

This week in Viral Videos, watch the trailer for the new James Bond, a two-year-old Rubix cube master, Jeep sabotage and why seagulls and golf don’t go together…

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Support And Resistance Levels

Support and resistance levels form part of the cornerstone of technical analysis. The basic idea with support and resistance is that we are looking to identify areas where price is likely to stall and possibly bounce (support levels) and areas where price is likely to stall and fall back from (resistance levels). Necessarily, support levels are identified as levels below current market price and resistance levels are levels sitting above current market price.

Traders Row from Barcelona to Ibiza for the NOMAN Campaign

Read all about the group of traders who tackled a 200-mile rowing race from Barcelona to Ibiza in aid of the NOMAN Campaign – blisters, bruises, sunburn and all…

Top 10 Charity Events

Have you done your good deed for the day? To help you do your bit, here’s our guide to the Top Ten upcoming Charity Events for you to sponsor, support and get involved in…

Tech and Gadgets Every Trader Needs

We’ve rounded up all the essential bits of tech no trader should be without, from the best gadgets for trading on-the-go to office essentials and must-have Forex indicators. Read on and get your trading kit sorted…

Week Ahead: Trader Lifestyle

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New Restaurants, Bars & Spas Around the UK

If you’re looking for a new local spot to head to for a bit of R&R after a long day of trading, or you’re planning a trip to check out a new UK city, read on to find out about all the best newly-opened (or coming soon) restaurants, bars, spas, hotels and more around the UK…

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Combine Littlefish FX indicators to maximise earning potential

Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry gives a short tutorial on getting the most out of our market-leading indicators, including; Order Flow Trader, Psych Indicator & COT Indicator…

A Better Way To Use ATR

To make the ATR a little easier to use and more visually accessible for spotting trade setups, we came up with an indicator which is a slight tweak on the ATR.

Five Lessons Learnt This Week

This week in Five Lessons Learnt, find out why you shouldn’t leave a squirrel unattended in a bar, how you should be tackling your commute to work and why whiskey is better than wine…

Viral Videos of the Week

We’ve got some great Viral Video treats for you this week: from a dog doing a surprise front flip over a fence to a plane causing beach mayhem and a twinkle-toed dad showing us how to bust some moves at a gig.

Developing Hedge Fund Systems Using NinjaTrader: Webinar Part 2

In the second of a three-part series on automated trading strategies, Littlefish FX CEO Sam Barry moved on from discussing the concepts behind algorithm design to considering the pitfalls of curve-fitted design, and the factors you must consider to avoid falling into the common traps.


Now accepting clients for Altair Managed Account

So we finally got round to it; we are going to launch a limited managed account proposition in Q3 2015 based on the systems we offer to our higher end clients. We’re calling it the Altair Managed Account, by Savernake Capital…

10 Questions Every Investor Must Ask

10 questions we think every investor should ask their managed investment provider as a starting point…

Alternative Investments

At Littlefish FX, along with providing Forex trading education and analysis, we also design and build cutting edge trading systems for prop, managed account and hedge fund businesses. The nature of what we do means that we are privileged to interact with some of the best (and, it must be said, the not so good) … Continue reading Alternative Investments

Back Testing, Forward Testing and Mathematical Nonsense

“The problem in this market place at the moment is there are a lot of systems out there built on very little, that don’t actually work.” CEO Sam Barry offers his thoughts on why…


Free Forex analysis for brokers

Forex brokers – provide a helping hand to your clients! Here at Littlefish FX, we pride ourselves on being able to help the little fish of Forex guide their way through its vast $4bn ocean. With our educational materials and daily analysis, we provide our readers with the insight and information they require to be … Continue reading Free Forex analysis for brokers


Back to the Future

Imagine a scenario where a concept you dreamt up nine years ago finally becomes a reality? That’s the remarkable situation I find myself in now, as here at LFX we begin to implement a design and concept I built when I first started this project many moons ago…


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An Intro to Quant Models: Part 1

Over the past few years Quants have had a lot of attention and primarily, in my opinion, bad press. I have no intention of setting the record straight (it’s honestly the only time in my life I could consider myself anything close to a bad boy so I’m taking it…). However, what I thought I would do is give you a bit of insight into what we do in the bowl to unlock a little bit of the mystery around Quants and these “evil” algorithms…

Stock Market Chart on Blue Background

Greece has the strongest hand

On Thursday, the Greek finance minister tweeted out an opinion piece. It’s quite a brave move from a political figure, and an interesting one. If this was a game of poker, I’d definitely want Greece’s hand right now as opposed to any other European Country or the ECB…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 5

In his final part from his series on building quant models, CEO Sam Barry discusses measuring performance…


An Intro to Quant Models: Part 4

Following on from my last article on the types of trading strategies we can really use in quant systems, I want to talk to you about building them – and then managing risk…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 3

In the third part of his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different types of quant trading strategies used here at Littlefish FX…

An Intro to Quant Models: Part 2

In the second article on his series on quant models, CEO Sam Barry talks through the different models used at Littlefish FX, including strategy (engine), risk and cost models…


Letter from the CEO: 2014 in review

As we wind down for Christmas I thought it would be nice once again to do an open letter to all of you, reviewing our year here at Littlefish as well as the trading year, and looking forward to next year…


Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Trader Lifestyle affiliates and the great offers and deals we have available for Littlefish FX readers. Ride25 Ride25 are challenging you to cycle the world – in 25 four-day tours. Whether you decide to tackle London to Paris, Geneva to Milan or Milan to Rome, they’ll … Continue reading Trader Lifestyle Affiliates Directory


Beat the news junkies: use order flow

With the markets ever increasingly becoming news junkies it’s becoming more and more interesting to see that trend following seems to be back in fashion. The concept is almost counter intuitive, news junkie surely results in violent breakouts and reversals…

Book Club

Introducing our LFX Book Club, the essential reading list for all traders – whether you’re brand new to trading or a seasoned pro. From reference books and essential guides to memoirs and biographies of notorious traders, if there’s a trading lesson to be learnt, it’s here. Don’t have time to get through them all? Download … Continue reading Book Club

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.01.37

Retail investors’ portal iNVEZZ launches crowd funding campaign

Our friends over at iNVEZZ – the comparison and review investment portal – have launched a campaign on crowd funding site Crowdcube. The innovative online company is raising investment capital for the development of unique new features, and you can meet and grill the co-founders at their live London pitch on July 30th…

The key remains to follow the flow

John Plender wrote an interesting and short piece in the FT last week, and I suggest you read it…

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RTAS System Insight Part 4: Rebaselining & Conclusion

The fourth and concluding part in our series of articles by CEO Sam Barry talking about the RTAS System and addressing some of the most common questions and feedback from inquisitive Littlefish FX readers…


Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting

Bespoke Forex Trading Systems – jump to Bespoke Forex Indicators – jump to NinjaTrader/MT4 Signal Hosting Attention all prop, managed account, hedge fund and fund businesses – here at Littlefish FX we are offering bespoke black box development based on our patented in-house order book systems. A full trading system – unique to you Based … Continue reading Bespoke Forex Trading Systems, Indicators & Hosting


RTAS System Insight Part 3: Creating our Portfolio

Now lets consider where the difference lie between systems. A good example may be that a fund or Hedgefund is looking for 25% to 30% returns per annum, 1:5 leverage with ultra low drawdowns, but is not concerned with number of open trades and allows hedging structures…

RTAS System Insight Part 2: Strategy building

Once we have the idea, the concept then turned to how do we build component based systems so that we can either produce long dated consistent systems or manipulate components for certain conditions or system specifications…

RTAS System Insight Part 1: Order Flow

To start with, I’d like give you all a bit of insight into how we build systems and therefore a little insight into the RTAS system as it finalises its rebaselining…

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